For our first post about home exchange, we'd like to start with the Code of Ethics: what is a must and we should be very careful of when doing a home exchange. Some points may sound very obvious, but better to list them all and have them fresh in our minds.

1. Treat your exchange partners as your guests!

Home exchange partners are your guests. This is the attitude to have when doing home exchange.

At Behomm we believe home exchange is not just about finding free accommodations around the world... it’s about sharing and making personal connections that cross oceans, continents and cultures. Be as kind and generous as possible.

2. Never break an exchange agreement.

Signing an agreement is like signing a rental contract. You should only break it under a real emergency; for example, death of a family member or a terrible illness which prevents you from travelling. If it happens, you should work hard to find another home for your guests.


3. Respect the home where you stay.

Take extremely good care of your exchange partner's belongings and home as if they were your own. Be careful not to break anything.

4. In case of any damage.

In case of any damage, repair the items involved or replace them, and clearly inform your exchange partners about it.

5. Be honest about your home and area description.

Don’t exaggerate. Explain any downside. You don’t want your guests to be disappointed. 
We personally explain in our own listing that our bedrooms are very small and the exterior of our building not beautiful.

6. Negotiation.

It is better not to negotiate a home exchange with several members of the same location at the same time. If you do so, you will have one happy member but also several disappointed members.


Sending exchange offers to several members in the same location at the same time only makes sense for members living in less attractive locations, because they need it to have more probability in order to find an exchange.

7. Leave your home very clean, organized and well maintained.

While cleaning standards are different among countries and people, you should always do your best to leave your home very clean and in order; also repair anything that does not work.

8. No deposits.

Home exchange is based on honesty and trust. When using Behomm, there are no money transactions or deposits of any kind between members.

9. Share your favorite places.

Leave a map with your favorite restaurants, shops, art exhibitions, hidden squares, and whatever else you think they might enjoy. Tell your guests what to see and what to avoid! They’ll be very grateful. 

A must? Yes, we think so! Living as a local is one of the best things about home exchange and owners' recommendations make the difference!


10. If you want to invite friends over…

If, while doing a home exchange, you want to invite a friend or friends over for lunch, a visit or the night and that person/s are not specified on the agreement as persons of the exchange stay, it is important to ask for special permission from the home owners before they come over. Agreements are made under a trust that the owners know who is in their home at all times.

11. Leave the home where you stayed as clean as you found it.

Upon your departure at the end of your stay, leave the home as clean as you found it upon arrival, unless you have agreed to exchange the cleaning (this might mean that when you arrive you will find your exchange home clean, but when you leave you won't have to clean it. Remember, though, this must always be arranged and agreed upon in advance).

12. Polite touches.

Welcoming your guests with a bottle of wine, some flowers and a traditional meal from your country in the fridge is more than appreciated; it makes the first moment of the stay something special! We are personally so grateful when we arrive tired, after long hours of travelling, to find some nice food waiting for us.

At your departure, leaving a thank you note and/or a small gift, gives the same feeling.


- - 

Please let us know your comments... if you would add more points, change some.

We'll be grateful for your feedback! :-)