When the idea for Behomm was born, Agust and I were certain that a part of our earnings would go towards philanthropy. We have both been gifted with the immense luck one does not choose, the luck to have been born into this side of humanity, the side where we have healthcare, food, education… Moreover we deeply admire those who commit their lives to others. A precious life goal.

After discovering the incredible work that architect Peter Williams and his team at Archive Global are doing, we immediately saw that it was a match with what we wanted to support: a non-for-profit where design is a key aspect in helping others.


Archive Global is an international non-profit organization based in New York using architectural design to combat disease around the world. They believe that adequate housing can drastically reduce the burden of disease and death in many impoverished communities worldwide.

Our commitment is to donate 5% of our Behomm profits to them. We are really working hard to make profits, not yet, but eventhough we are contributing with our personal savings.

Their team is made of architects, urban planners... our design profession colleagues.

In this season of giving, give the gift of health. Donate