Ed (Torbay, UK, 1972) is an architectural and interiors photographer working mostly for luxury brand retail and restaurants. In August it will be 21 years since his first commission. His client list includes Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, D&G, David Adjaye, Balenciaga, Conde Nast Traveller, Jimmy Choo and Virgin Atlantic to name just a few. 

His wife Micha is a professional dancer performing mostly with Sir Matthew Bourne’s company - New Adventures but also in productions for the National Theatre and in film. She has had leading roles in Swan Lake, The Car Man, Edward Scissor-Hands, Dorian Grey, Cinderella and The Nutcracker. She’s returning to the stage this autumn in a new production of The Red Shoes. 

They met while both working for Alexander McQueen at one of his fashion shows in Paris. Ed was taking pictures back stage for McQueen and Micha was one of the models in the show. Based on the Sydney Pollack film “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” made in 1969 and set in the Great Depression of the 1930s, it made for an enthralling show. Anna Wintour stated it was her favourite show at McQueens Memorial years later which they all attended at St Paul’s Cathedral. They now have two children, Amalia who just turned 4 and Lorenzo who’s 1. 

What inspires you?

Architecture mostly. I am fascinated and excited by the changing landscapes, especially of our cities. I’ve been in London for 23 years and it’s gone through enormous change. 

Your passions?

I love architecture and good design but I’m also passionate about the natural landscape. I love to be in the mountains. Cycling up them in the summer and snowboarding down them in the winter. I hope one day to have a home amongst the Dolomites. They are so majestic. We had a 2 week holiday in the Lake District of Northern Italy last summer. It has everything we could want from a vacation; cycling, walking, swimming in the lakes and fantastic food, all amongst stunning scenery.

Tell us what you like from your home and why?

My favourite aspect of our home is the top floor. The large panoramic window faces west onto an oak tree. In the evening the warm light from the setting sun filters through the tree to create moving dappled light around the room. It’s like having animated wallpaper. It’s a magical place to wind down at the end of the day. There’s also a hatch to the roof so we can grab a beer from the bar fridge in the lounge and head up there to watch the sunset.

The place where you have been most happy?

That’s tough. I’ve felt feelings of great happiness both at home and abroad. I often feel overwhelmed with happiness when watching my kids. It’s a magical time of life and seems to get better as they grow. But festivals particularly with friends in my 20’s and 30’s conjure up many happy memories too. We’re planning to go to a couple of festivals this summer with our kids so it’ll be a different but wonderful experience. 

An unforgettable trip?

I took 6 months out and went travelling through South America. I saw landscape that I never imagined and captured some of the best images in my portfolio. It was a great adventure. I came back a changed person. You can see some of the images from this trip on the travel section of my website. 

Your Behomm experiences?

I’ve already formed some friendships through Behomm. There’s so many like minded people who are happy not only to share their homes but their lifestyle and local knowledge too. 

What do you like of the community?

It’s so much more than swapping accommodation. It’s a privileged insight and a source of inspiration.

If you’d like to add any other thought… please do so

My father passed away in March. Shortly before he died I asked him for any life advise he could offer. He paused for considered thought then replied “Holidays!, when you look back over your life it’s the holidays you remember so take as many as you can”. He’s so right. Days at the office can all roll into one but it’s the days spent on holiday with loved one’s that are the memories we cherish. Behomm gives us the opportunity to increase these moments so we intend to have many holidays, even short breaks. It’s important to do, especially with family.


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