Jen (Hong Kong, 1974) is an architect dedicated to incorporating design into the everyday. Born in Asia, she is English at heart and was raised in the UK from the age of 15. It was there that she studied, and worked, and met her partner, architect Hari Philips. Together they have a son. In 2012 Jen started up her own textile business “Hokolo” (from Hong Kong London). The company was born in response to an urgent need. “ I wanted to be there for my new born son” she says.

“Architecture is my passion, but it can also be frustrating. in between designing a project and construction, there can be an interminable waiting period. With textile design, on the other hand, you can see the product almost instantly”.


Inspired by the quintisentially British (from eggs and blueberries for breakfast to locally sourced lambs wool), she began to silkscreen fabric with strong graphics and bold colors. The results are clothing and fabrics for home decorating that are modern and accesible. Jen’s vibrant designs can be found not only in her own home but are increasingly popular items for British interior design lovers.


Jen’s home, is modern, colorful, and cheerful. Artistic elements abound, from smiley faced prints to playful pillows that put a smile on your face. The open spaces in the architecture add to the fresh atmosphere, creating a vibrant harmony between the furniture and the accessories, they are not, just decoration but a vital part of the whole space. Jen believes “Good design is part of our everyday life, it’s what makes each day special and unique”.

Jennifer’s Behomm experience

“No two houses are the same. The first place we stayed was an enormous house in an exclusive part of Madrid. it was beautifully decorated and very practical. There was an amazing coffee maker that we used every day… we loved it so much that we bought the same one when we got home!” “We also had a fantastic experience when we stayed in Barcelona. That flat had stunning views of the city, and was full of interesting works of art. In Rome we stayed in a flat that was full of beautiful antiques and books. Just recently we were in a rustic country house in iceland”.


“We feel a sense of security with Behomm, because we know that it is only for invited guests, like a private club. We know we’ll meet people who share our general interests, but perhaps with a different lifestyle. it’s an experience that even a 6 star hotel couldn’t provide”.


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Interview by Ana Martínez Nebot  

Jen Taylor Home ID: 18 (photos below)