Anna (Finland, 1973) and Eugeni (Barcelona, 1974) are young architects, who are internationally acclaimed for their ecological designs. They prove that even with a limited budget, it’s possible to create beautiful and environmentally friendly houses.

They renovated their own home which pays homage to Modernist design from the early 20th century. Located in the elegant and bohemian “Eixample” neighborhood in Barcelona, populated with art galleries, charming shops and bars. Their apartment is full of lovely period details like mosaic floors, and detailed moldings around the ceilings. “The idea” they explain, “was to preserve the spirit and memory of the original structure”. “Restoration is about valuing what already exists, respecting the essence of the place, careful preservation”.

Anna and Eugeni approached their house like a puzzle, taking advantage of every opportunity to fit together the furnishings in subtle and harmonious ways that accomodate them and their two children, Uma and Rufus. It is an elegant tribute to history, to “Modernismo”.

Their first Behomm experience
“We exchanged homes with Vienese architects who we felt we had something in common with. Their whole house, the interior, the garden, the fireplace, all spoke of family life”. 

“When you travel with kids, a proper family home gives you freedom, and a chance to relax even if the weather is bad. The kids were able to play in their own rooms, while we relaxed in front of the fire with a nice bottle of wine. Also, with the money we saved on accomodation, we were able to stay longer. A hotel would have been a disaster. We were away on holiday, but it felt like being home”. 

“What made the experience extra special were the little things, like the personal recommendations that the owners had left for us about their favourite breakfast place, or a particular walk we might enjoy, it felt like having access to a secret guidebook!”. 


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Anna & Eugeni Bach Home ID: 406

Interview by Ana Martínez Nebot   I   Photos by Tiia Ettala