A week after the Covid-19 pandemia started to spread all over the world, Eva Calduch and Agustí Juste, cofounders of Behomm sent this letters to all Behomm members:


Hello dear Members,

This is Eva and Agus, cofounders of Behomm. What a special experience we are living… How are you? And your loved ones?

Here in Barcelona we've been confined for a week now. We feel fortunate to have a home to shelter in. We miss our daily routine starting the day with the happiness of reading your new exchange reviews.

Painting, reading, listening to music, sense of humor... is personally helping us during these rare days. Our gratitude to those who are working for all of us, for our health, for our food supplies…

With this sudden stop we feel like Nature is reminding us of all the harm we are doing to Her. Time to think.

More than ever a sense of community is needed. Thanks for the kind messages to us and also between Behomm members supporting and caring for each other. Hopefully this humbling experience can bring out the best in us.

If you have an exchange arranged shortly better to postpone it as soon as possible. We'd like to apologize for any automatic emails you may receive from us that now are not relevant.

Let us know how you are, if you need any help. Our team is working from home.

A big hug full of warmth for each one of you,

Eva, Agus and all the Behomm team