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  • What is a home exchange?

    It is a non-commercial transaction where two parties agree to exchange homes for free for a specific time. You stay at my home

    for free while I stay at yours for free.


  • Why is access to Behomm by invitation-only?

    For security reasons. It protects our community against anonymous registrants and keeps connections authentic. Behomm is a true network of friends.


  • How can I get an invitation?

    To join Behomm, you must be invited either by a friend who already

    is a Behomm member or by Behomm’s founders. To get an invitation from Behomm’s founders, you can apply here.


  • Why is Behomm only for creatives
    and design lovers?

    Because part of the success in home exchange is exchanging with somebody like you, with interests in common... you match easily.

    Our members share a similar passion for beauty and tasteful things.


  • I'm not a creative professional.
    Can I still join Behomm?

    Yes, you are more than welcome to join if you have passion for beauty. Please note that all homes go through an aesthetics selection.


  • Which is your home selection criteria?

    Our selection is based on the following:


    1. Basic: kitchen and bathroom must be renovated and in good condition. From an Ikea kitchen to a Bulthaup are fit for Behomm. Taste has nothing to do with luxury. 


    2. Aesthetics: This is a subjective criteria. There are as many definitions of beauty as persons in the world, we do not consider our criteria the good-universal one at all. It is only our own idea of beauty. It can be from a minimal loft to a baroque castle. Beauty has no style.


    As mentioned, beauty has nothing to do with luxury. A small flat with second hand furniture can be more beautiful than a mansion with elephant tusks in the living room.


    3. Spirit: We love the life and creativity that a space transmits, things like kids drawings on the walls, illustrations... the art.mosphere... And also books, music CD's, vinyls, toys... the homeowner's "spirit". 

    4. Size and location: We do not select homes for their size or location. 


  • What about my valuable things at home?

    We’ve already done more than twenty exchanges and everything went perfectly. Since we launched there has not been a single case of robbery. Besides, insurance companies advise that your home is safer with people living inside than empty, while you are away.

  • How about payment of home bills:
    water, gas, electricity,...?

    If you use a reasonable amount of water, gas and electricity

    during your exchange and the bills are typical for the homeowner,

    they will pay their own bills as usual.


  • I live in a property that I rent. Can I exchange?

    Yes! As there is no economical transaction, the exchange is

    not a sublet. It’s more as if you invited friends to your home.

    But as a courtesy, it’s better to ask the home owner.


  • Can I do non-simultaneous home exchanges?

    Yes, it’s up to you and your exchange guests. We’ve personally done several non-simultaneous exchanges and it worked excellent.


  • How many days can I exchange homes?

    As long as you want. You can exchange homes for the period of time you agree upon with your exchange guests: a long weekend, a week, a month... even a sabbatical year.


  • Can I exchange with a home bigger than mine?

    Yes! It’s common that city members exchange with bigger homes outside of cities. Your home may have a special feature: city center location, sun, beach, ski resort, great views, architectural value,...


  • Can I exchange homes as many times as I want?

    Yes. There is no limit on the number of home exchanges you can do.


  • Can I list my home for rental at your site?

    No, we are sorry. Behomm is only for home exchange. Renting is

    a totally different trip experience. Home exchange is about sharing and meeting people, while renting is about making money. 


  • Is there an exchange agreement?

    We provide a simple PDF agreement for writing down clearly

    the exchange details: date of arrival, key exchange, adressess...

    We encourage members to fill it out to avoid misunderstandings.


  • Is Behomm involved in the agreements
    between members?

    Behomm is just a place for members to contact other members

    to do home exchanges. Behomm is not involved in the agreements

    between members. 


  • How do members contact each other?

    Using our internal and secure message system. You’ll receive an email to alert you of a new message, similar to how Facebook works.


  • Will other members see my email address?

    To protect your privacy, your email will never be public on Behomm.


  • Can I also exchange cars?

    Quite many people do it, as you can save on car rental costs.

    But before you make the agreement, check that your insurance policy allows your exchange guest to drive your car.  


  • What about pets?

    You can agree to exchange pets too, but most home exchangers usually leave their homes free of pets.


  • How does my home insurance work?

    Check with your insurance company that you’re covered while

    your home is occupied by your guests.


  • What is "hospitality"?

    Besides home exchange, members can also do hospitality. It means that a member is open for hosting other members while she is also in her home. Usually for a short period (2-3 days max.).


  • What is the "Have a Coffee" feature?

    When a member has this feature listed at her account means that she is open to meeting other Behomm members for a coffee while they are on a trip to her location. 


  • How can I exchange with friends of my friends?

    On Behomm there’s a search engine for finding your friends and listing them. Then you’ll be able to see all of their friends’ homes and consider exchanging with them.


  • Is it safe to exchange with members that
    are not friends of my friends?

    Before you exchange homes, you will email with your exchange guests many times to agree on details... so you get to know them

    well enough that they should no longer be strangers.


  • Why should I exchange homes instead of
    staying at a hotel?

    Apart from the fact that you’ll save money:


    1.  Enjoy the comforts of a home: much more space and things owners often have, like toys for kids, movies, music CDs, books, magazines, computers, video games…  


    2.  Get a real taste of life as a local, not a tourist: follow partner tips that don’t appear in travel guides: eat at their favourite restaurants, shop at local markets, meet neighbours... 


    3. Enjoy cultural exchange: meeting your guests can be a very enriching experience, you’ll learn from this cultural exchange.


    4. Make personal connections: the people you exchange with may become good friends.


    5.  Keep your home cared for while you’re away: insurance companies advise that your home is safer with people living inside than empty.


    A home exchange trip can be much more satisfying than a traditional trip!    


  • What are the most important tips for an exchange?

    1. Exchange with members similar to you: with kids, no kids,...

    2. Get to know your guests through emails, skype,...

    3. Fill out the agreement to avoid misunderstandings.

    4. Leave your home very clean and in order.  

    5. Treat your exchange partners as your guests.


  • How about doing home exchange with kids?

    Your family may enjoy of two great benefits:


    1. Comfortable accommodations: if you exchange with a family

    with kids of similar age, the home should have toys, video games, cots, highchairs... and be a child-safe home...


    2. Educational value: home exchange is so educational for kids, they learn to share... their bed... their toys... their things...

    a useful value for their future, they will be more flexible and open.

  • What is the most important thing in
    home exchange?

    To consider your exchange partners your guests. This is the attitude of home exchange! And also to thoroughly clean your home and leave your exchanger’s home as clean as you found it.


  • Don’t you feel strange in a home that is not yours?

    Many friends ask us this question. On our first exchange we did feel a bit strange at arrival, now we look forward to our next exchange...

    it’s a special feeling... like living another life.


  • Why did you create Behomm?

    We’re passionate home exchange travellers and we got captured by some ideas we couldn’t get rid of them:


    1. SIMILAR PEOPLE: we could connect all creatives and design lovers to exchange homes... like-minded people... with a similar passion for beauty and tasteful things and avoid all the time we were wasting in other exchange sites searching for people like us.


    2. SECURITY: we could build a secure community of friends by invitation, avoiding anonymous people.


    3. SHARE FRIENDS: we could share friends listing them like

    in Facebook... and exchanging with the friends of our friends.

    A new and more trustful type of home exchange, creating the first social community worldwide for doing home exchange.


    4. CLEAN DESIGN: we could design a site with the clean design

    we like and didn’t find.


    And above all we do believe this is the the future for traveling, kinder and more sustainable since it uses existing resources (member's homes). 


    - - 

    WARNING: Behomm is addictive!

    After an exchange, you’ll reaffirm your faith in human beings,

    you enjoyed life without paying any money, people shared what

    they had. You'll feel a better world is possible!   



    Hope our FAQs helped you!


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